More on the Economy


On Conservatives’ Double Standard:


Conservatives, as a general rule, demand that parents exercise strict controls over their children.  There are to be rules, regulations, and clear expectations for childrens’ behaviors and achievements.  And there are to be punishments for youngsters who fall short.


Yet these same conservatives, when dealing with the adult world of high finance, utterly reject notions of discipline and oversight, and subscribe instead a free-wheeling abandonment of any responsibility for the control of the market.  The market will discipline itself, they claim, without any intrusion by government regulators in its internal workings. 


Well, no, apparently not!


There is a sea of debate out there about the current tanking of the economy, and I don’t want to add unnecessarily to the chatter.  But the loss of approximately one third of my retirement savings does fix my attention on the problem.  And it does lead me to puzzle over the obvious contradictions among conservatives’ philosophical approaches to the various aspects of life.


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