I have been given the opportunity to contribute posts to this blog from a conservative perspective.  As such, first I would like to take an opportunity to introduce myself.

I grew up in Unicoi County.  I moved to Johnson City when I began college and lived there until about 3 years ago.  I have been married to my wife for 16 years and we have 3 children.  We are very active in our church.  I am an accountant by trade. For most of my adult life I labeled myself a Republican but the Republican party no longer is the best representation of my beliefs.  The Constitution Party now seems to best represent my beliefs.

My two favorite topics to discuss are religion and politics.  I am always ready to discuss either although I don’t claim to be an expert on anything other than my opinion (and I guarantee that it will be worth exactly what you paid for it).  I hope that as you read this blog we can discuss our views in a way that will be beneficial to all involved.  Please feel free to question or comment on any post.  I don’t promise to reply to all comments but, as time permits, I will reply to some.  I look forward to our discussions.


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