Which Political Party Is The Best Fit For You?


I have recently changed my party affiliation.  I am no longer a Republican, now I am a member of the Constitution Party.  It took me quite a while to get the point of actually making the switch.  It still sounds a bit weird when I tell others that I am no longer a Republican.

It took me quite a while to get to this point.  I had to answer all the standard objections.  You have heard them.  They all basically come down to one common objection:  you are throwing away your vote if you vote for a third party candidate since that candidate has virtually no chance at winning.  With that understanding I was then forced to vote for the candidate I considered the “lessor of two evils”.  I am tired of being put in this position.  I am tired of supporting a party that no longer represents me or my beliefs.  I have (finally) come to the conclusion that I have to stand on principles God’s word and trust Him for the details.

I was thinking that maybe others might be in a similar situation to what I was in….dissatisfied with both major parties because neither represents your views.  So, I have decided to do a series of posts sharing some major points of the party platforms for various political parties currently operating in our country.  Maybe this will help you to re-evaluate your party affiliation and make a change if it is necessary.

Here is a list of the posts (with links) I will be doing.  I will update this list as I add new posts so check back regularly.

  1. Constitution Party
  2. Republican Party
  3. Democratic Party
  4. Green Party
  5. Libertarian Party
  6. Others (maybe)

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