Constitutional Convention: Should We Have Another One


I was caugt a bit off guard when I read this article written by former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.  I have heard calls before for a new constitutional convention but I did not give them any consideration because I did not consider them to be serious.  It appears that I was WRONG.  According to the article, 32 states have already formally called for a new constitutional convention and only 34 are needed.  That shocks me.  I had no idea.  What is more is that Baldwin lists Tennessee as one of the 32 who have already called for the convention.  Did you know that there was talk of another Constitutional Convention?  Have you thought of the ramifications of such an event.  Baldwin says

“However, can one imagine what would happen if the current bunch of politically correct leftists in Washington, D.C., were to be granted the power to rewrite our Constitution? It would be the end of the United States of America, and that is no hyperbole.”

I think he is right.  What do you think the end product would be if our  current leaders were in charge of creating a new constitution?  Do you think the country would survive?  It would not.  Baldwin says

Given the fact that Washington, D.C., is comprised mostly of Big-Government liberals and neocons, it is almost certain that the founders’ Constitution–which was founded on the principles of Natural Law that protects individual liberty–would be replaced with some sort of “collective rights” document protecting an ambiguous “common good.” At that point, there is no more United States of America. There would be no more Bill of Rights protecting individuals from governmental abuse and overreach. Furthermore, the principles of Natural Law would be forever removed as a basis of all our nation’s laws and statutes. The nation that had been bequeathed to us by our forebears would be gone forever.

Now, we must remember that even if a constitutional convention is called, whatever comes out of it must be ratified by the states so there would be a small hope of stopping it.  But we must also remember that our state politicians are as liberal as our federal politicians in most cases.  Even so, we should be very wary of calling a new constitutional convention.  There would be no limits on what they could do.  So, if you begin to hear this discussed, contact your state leaders and lets “nip it in the bud“.


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  1. euandus Says:

    I think a convention would not be a bad idea from the standpoint of deciding whether to go back to a federal system or make the consolidation legal. I’ve just posted at

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