Obama Following the Alinsky Textbook


This article posted over at Human Events brings an interesting perspective on Obama’s divide and conquer methods.  I have heard others make the connection of Obama to Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals but I don’t remember seeing it explained by using the specific rules from the book.  It is very informative to see the rule and then some specific examples of what Obama has said and done.

Take a moment to read the article and tell me what you think.


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2 Responses to “Obama Following the Alinsky Textbook”

  1. James Wilson Says:

    You mean there is a blueprint to fight back with against Corporate oppression ???

    While we were in Vietnam Americans sat on their hands and watched the Oil Companies CONSOLIDATE their power buying up all the small oil companies and shutting down Independent Refineries even tearing the down to limit competition.

    Then the Corporations Establish Environment Groups and Fund them to get Laws past to Prevent and Restrict Competition even more !!
    They Oil Companies fund the Environmental Groups and let them use their Lawyers all the time bashing the Groups in the Press to gain Public Sympathy and when Laws are past protecting some Mouse or Fish the Public does not rise up in arms as Congress Gives the Oil Company that funded the Law to begin with a $200 Billion Dollar Tax Break !

    Not a bad return on Investment a $150,000 to the Environmental Group and some Staff Lawyers time to get $200 Billion Dollar Tax Break and a Barrier to Entry Law requiring all New Businesses that want to Compete spent Millions on Environmental Studies !!!!!

    Some Barrier to Entry Laws even DEMAND New Business in a Industry use New UNPROVEN Technology while the Older Corporations are GRANDFATHERED in using old Proven Technology.

    Then the Corporations keep on the pressure for the Public Sympathy and gain more support while they Consolidate even future and begin limiting the basic items needed.

    Industry Wide Price Fixing keep the prices high and the Profits even higher. The SCAM comes from an Israeli Economist Book on Production to control price by controlling demand by limiting production !!!!
    But there must be Industry Wide agreement to no produce anything for the Warehouse and only produce what you have orders for.

    We need a HANDBOOK to break up the Conspiracy of Predatory Capitalist that want to control the USA and Prevent Competition destroying Capitalism !!!!!!!

    You may think your warning people of some danger but instead your giving people a tool that will help them reclaim the Competition that made the USA great !!!!!!

    Don’t fall for the Free Trade Lie!!!!!
    The USA has a huge Military and musty have secure markets for material and resources !!!!

    That means a Controlled Market !!!!!
    Controlled Markets are corrupt always have been always will be !!!!

    Free Trade is only a Cute Phrase to cover up the Predatory Capitalist Agenda. Take a look at what Free Trade has brought the World. Free Trade allowed in Cheap and Often FREE U.S. Farm Goods to other Countries crashing the Markets there for Grain and Bankrupting Farmers who them lost their land. Haiti, Egypt and Argentina to name a few.

  2. Gary Price Says:

    Democrats and Republicans are controlled by the same New World Order monster…ie the bankers.
    The only way out is Ron Paul. Of course, mainstream media won’t allow that.
    What we have is Crony Capitalism, not genuine Capitalism
    Democrats love social spending, Republicans love corporate cooperation, but it makes me wonder how Obama as a Democrat in some way behaves like a Republican while having Communist ideology at the same time-and giving money away for Wall st to gamble with.
    Surely the country is a mess and better off without DC

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