Should Obamacare Be Reconsidered In Light Of This


Britain plans to decentralize National Healthcare

Obama is trying very hard to implement a European style socialized health care system here. At the same time, Europe is realizing that their system does not work. Britain is the first to look at doing this. Who is next……maybe us?


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3 Responses to “Should Obamacare Be Reconsidered In Light Of This”

  1. James Wilson Says:

    What a con game. They can always find money for War and to hand out to Religion or Political Org. in Federal Grants.

    But letting the American People help themselves is not part of the plan unless there is some Immoral Profit to be made off the suffering of others.

    Just go to Youtube and listen to the Nixon HMO Tapes and hear the creation of the HMO’s along with the Collusion to Defraud the American People allowing these Organizations to charge more while with Government Approval pay for less Medical Care.

    See they changed the Language on you !!!

    Medical Care was that Humans needs has been turned into Health Care that Insurance Company’s claim to provide. Doctors went to Medical School to learn to provide Medical Care.
    But Insurance Companies trained them to Provide Health Care.

    The USA is Number 1 in Emergency Medical Care because Insurance Companies only allow payment to help people live with their Illness until it becomes Life Threatening. The Test for the most part to find the cause of your illness will point to the Chemical in your Environment and other things added to the Food Chain or products. And you know we can’t have that since even our Justice System is geared to Protect the Corporation from the Citizen.

  2. KD Says:

    This is so untrue, you have read one article decentralizing does not mean decentralizing health coverage. . Simply the government pays set amount to perform a certain service.


    The service in Great Britian is the NHS, national health service. The service in most european countries is CHI, centralized health insurance.

    One has the option to opt out of the system and use private health insurance. 95 percent of the people prefers to pay a higher tax does not.

  3. James Wilson Says:

    Reagan and Thatcher were in on a deal to KILL Britians Health Care System along with this economic crash. All of this has been a planned attack on the Equity to destroy Unions and push down wages so the One World Governnment can be brought forward.

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