Another Activist Judge Example


Here is another example of ONE judge throwing out the will of the people and imposing his personal opinions on them. The best aspect of this ruling is that it will be appealed and should eventually end up at the Supreme Court where it can finally be settled.


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2 Responses to “Another Activist Judge Example”

  1. Patrick Lilley Says:

    Why should I be offended that two humans who claim to love each other want to marry. Doesn’t God say that what he hath brought together. Let no man put asunder?”

    the Walton’s that own Walmart (inherited) work 1.2 million people below the poverty line and they have as much money as $193 million Americans, yet the dont even want to offer health insurance.
    Do you have more respect for the Walton’s because they are wealthy and less respect for your fellow countrymen who are being worked unfairly?

    Do you feel good about the wide screen TV you just bought at walmart? The money went to a Chineese manufacturer that’s hooked up with the UNITED STATES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (another right winged mega profit center that robs Americans of jobs). The person behind the cash registers 9 year old child has cancer and they have net discovered it yet. She doesn’t even have access to Helath insurance thru walmart. You just gave money to the richest family in America and a Chineese firm.

    Don’t worry though! The Walton’s have it figured out like this. If the nine year old does end up qualifying for some form of Government assistance, then YOU pay for it with your tax dollars.

    Enjoy the TV set. Channel 14 is the “stick your head on the sand channel”

  2. Tom Shelton Says:


    What you should be offended at is that one man is overturning the will of the people. One man has said that it does not matter what the people have voted in favor of. One man has taken it upon himself to impose his personal opinions on the majority of voters in California who voted to ban same sex marriage. In this instance, California did the right thing and put the issue (ban on same sex marriage) on the ballot so that the people could decide. I am fairly sure that the state leaders expected the people to vote the other way but they didn’t. They voted to ban same sex marriage. Why are you not offended that one man has taken it upon himself to say to all those people that you are wrong. I will admit that just because a majority says something does not always mean they are right. But, in our society (which is a representative republic) we generally make laws based on what is best for our communities as decided by those communities. The citizens of the State of California (and many other states) have voted to ban same sex marriage and there is no reason that one man should be allowed to overturn them.

    As to the Walmart issue, do you really want to debate their employment practices? I think that is an issue just to muddy the real issue. No one is required to work at Walmart and if someone is unhappy with Walmart they are not required to shop there. So if Walmart is doing something wrong the free market economy will eventually force them to change or go out of business.

    So, lets stick to the issue of activist judges seeking to legislate from the bench. This is not their role and was never intended to be their role but it is one they have taken. It is time we correct this.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving your comment. Please feel free to do so again.

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