Is it time for a third party to emerge?


This is a reposting of a previously posted article


I wrote this article last year and I feel as strongly about this issue now as I did then.  With early voting already started and election day quickly approaching I urge you to refuse to continue to vote for “the lessor of two evils”.  It is time to break the cycle!!    Let’s let our elected officials know that they can no longer take us for granted and that we will require them to represent us and put our country’s needs before their own or we will fire them.



As our country continues to spiral into oblivion I find myself not satisfied with the current two party system.  More and more each day I realize they my interests are less and less represented in Washington.  With this understanding I have to begin looking at what my options are.

First, I could believe that my representatives know more than I do and have our country’s and my best interest at heart. After all, they say all the right things while they are trying to get my vote.  They make all the right promises and go on the right shows.  Maybe they really do have the country’s and my best interest at heart.  To do this I would have to stop paying attention to what they are doing and shift into blind faith mode.  Hmmm, I don’t think so….

Next, I could disassociate myself from the whole process.  I could stop paying attention to politics altogether and stop worrying about what goes on in Washington or Nashville.  But in order to pull this off I will have to stop caring about my children’s and grand-children’s futures.  I know I can’t do that, so…..

Thirdly, I could work to reform one of the two major parties from within….to return it to it’s core, stated values so that it would once again represent me.  To do this would require the help of many higher ups within the party.  These are people that are not easily accessed.  I would have to find someway to speak with them and convince them to help me advance the reform agenda I have.  This is viable option for local and state representatives.  I mean, I could make an appointment and actually get to speak with them, or I could knock on their front door and ask to speak with them, or maybe I would see them at church or the little league field.  Unfortunately, this is not an option on the federal level.  These people only want to hear from me when I am casting a vote for them.  The rest of the time they seem to want me to sit down, shut up, and trust them no matter what I hear or see.  At one time I thought this was the best alternative.

Lastly, I can look to change the rules of the game.  To do this, new players must be introduced and paradigms must be shifted.  To do this I would have to leave my comfort zone.  I would have to realize that the only way to stop or change the monstrous system we now have is to stop feeding it.  The old saying about the definition of insanity comes to mind here.  I would have to accept the fact that I would have to take some steps back in order to ultimately go forward in a better way.  At this point I am beginning to think that I can do this.  It is worth the short term cost in order to get the long term gain.

I believe it is time for a viable third party to emerge.  I believe we can’t fix our issues by remaining on the same path.  Drastic and radical changes must be made and made now.  I invite you to join me in looking for that viable third party.


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5 Responses to “Is it time for a third party to emerge?”

  1. Gary Price Says:

    One should not think in terms of two different parties, but two heads of a one corrupt system. Even Rand Paul will be brought in to the CFR which has a socialist history.
    I have an entire list of politicians who were bribed by Monsanto putting them above the law with the new Obama bill protecting them and allowing them to poison our food supply with GMO crops.
    Steve Fincher (R) TN received $8000.00 So our lives of every Tennessean isn’t worth $8000? I wonder how those in W. Tenn in his 8th district feel?

  2. Gary Price Says:

    I was just doing the math. The 8th district of TN has a population of 632,143 (2000 census). So each man woman and child was sold down the river for $79.02 a head for a GMO bribe worth $8000.00

  3. Tom Shelton Says:

    I have edited this article a bit recently and submitted it to the Erwin Record as a Letter to the Editor. I hope it will be published.

    • Gary Price Says:

      Hi Tom
      You may include my comments if you wish. The fact is there are photos of rats dragging around large tumors produced by GMO and they have been seen to cause 3rd generation sterility in mice. I think Monsanto know it is a soft kill bio-weapon.

      I have been observing this from outside the US where in many places, GMO isn’t welcome. I haven’t been in my hometown of Erwin in 30 years. Will arrive mid July this year.
      Gary Price

  4. warmfrog Says:

    Fed. elections are rigged, no chance. Start local and work up. Nullify Fed gov’t.

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