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Liberals Don’t Want Our Military Personnel To Have Their Votes Counted

April 9, 2009

Today at the state capital Democrats voted against legislation that would have made it easier for Tennesseans serving in the military to participate in elections even if they are deployed outside of the state or the country. [Source:]

I have noticed a recurring theme over the past several years.  It seems that the liberals don’t want to allow our military personnel their Constitutional right to have their votes counted.  At the same time, they seem to have no problem with illegal aliens, criminals with felony convictions, dead people, animals, underage citizens, and make believe friends (I am sure you can probably think of a few more examples) voting in our elections.  In some places they even encourage people to vote early and often and are willing to help them do so.  This is nothing new.  The fact that this is happening in Tennessee also is something we don’t like to consider.

I came across this story in my Google reader tonight and frankly I was appalled.  The story opens with the above quote.  It really makes no sense to me why any of our state or federal legislators would do something like this but that is probably because I still believe (naively) that our Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  How can someone who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, state or federal, simply ignore the right every qualified CITIZEN has to have his/her voted counted?  And more than that, why do liberals always seek to suppress the military vote?  It would seem to me that our leaders would want to make certain that our military personnel, who are stationed abroad, would have every possible opportunity to have their ballot counted.  To me, it seems to be one of the very least of the things we should do for those who sacrifice so much defending our freedoms.

I can only imagine one reason as to why liberals oppose letting these people exercise their Constitutional rights.  That reason is that they fear the military as a voting block.  I would assume that most military personnel are conservative and they vote that way.  If they were liberal, there would be no suppression of their ability to vote.

We only have to look at a few recent examples to illustrate what has been going on.  Lets start with the 2000 Presidential election.  If you remember that was Bush vs. Gore and the election hinged on the outcome of the multiple recounts in Florida.  During the recounts, all of which were won by Bush, Gore sought to have the absentee ballots invalidated and thus not counted.  If my memory serves, most of these absentee ballots were from military personnel stationed abroad.  The was only one reason Gore did not want to count these ballots.  He thought they would be Bush votes.

With a little effort I am sure I could find many similar situations.  Our main problem is that we have politicians (from all parties) who see our Constitution as a living document.  This means that they believe it is open to re-interpretation based on the “times” and circumstances.   As such, this allows them to do just about anything they want.  All you have to do is look at the first two months of Obama’s presidency for proof of this.  Power seeking liberals are willing to strip us of our freedoms and rights in order to accomplish their agenda.  This worldview is wrong and must be stopped.  We must begin with small things, like ensuring that our deployed military personnel are able to exercise their Constitutionally defined right to vote and have that vote counted.  We must begin to take back our government….one small step at a time.  Why one step at a time…..because that is how the liberals took it from us and because that is the only way it will work short of an armed revolt by the people.

I call upon our Tennessee legislators to re-examine this issue and to find some way to make certain that our deployed military personnel can vote.  If they are unwilling to make sure that the vote of every qualified citizen of Tennessee counts then we should fire them at the next election.  Lets hold them accountable.