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Should Obamacare Be Reconsidered In Light Of This

July 25, 2010

Britain plans to decentralize National Healthcare

Obama is trying very hard to implement a European style socialized health care system here. At the same time, Europe is realizing that their system does not work. Britain is the first to look at doing this. Who is next……maybe us?


Obama Following the Alinsky Textbook

June 26, 2010

This article posted over at Human Events brings an interesting perspective on Obama’s divide and conquer methods.  I have heard others make the connection of Obama to Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals but I don’t remember seeing it explained by using the specific rules from the book.  It is very informative to see the rule and then some specific examples of what Obama has said and done.

Take a moment to read the article and tell me what you think.

Girly-man Obama trying to sound tough

June 8, 2010

Does anyone take Obama seriously when he tries to sound tough like this?  I really doubt it.  Watch the video yourself and see if you can keep from laughing when he “talks tough”.

RealClearPolitics – Video – Obama Seeking “Ass To Kick” Over Oil Spill.

What’s Going on with Obama and the Military?

June 2, 2010

Here is a short article posted over at RedState discussing Obama not consulting the military leaders before he sets military policy.  Here is a good quote to get you started:

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are in open and public rebellion against the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Most troubling, the Obama administration neither consulted nor advices the Chiefs before rushing off the congress with the proposal to lift DADT.

Go on over and read the article and tell me what you think.

Ray Stevens – We The People

December 28, 2009

A Comparison Of Some Of Our Presidents

June 23, 2009


Now, who do we really want to follow as our leader?  Who do we want to trust national defense to?

Obama’s $100 Million Cut From The Budget Put In Perspective

May 1, 2009


Obama Is Relying On Trickle-Down Economics

April 10, 2009

I had a thought this morning and wanted to share it with everyone.  My thought:  Obama’s plans to get us out of the recession actually depend on Trickle-down economics (aka Supply-side economics or Reaganomics).  I bet I have your attention now so let me explain.

First let me say that Obama’s plans do not start with Trickle-down economics in mind.  He begins with the Keynesian theory of economics which basically say that the government can spend the country out of recession if they will just spend enough.  I know I have probably over simplified this explanation but a more thorough explanation is beyond the scope of this post.

So how do we get from the Keynesian model to the Trickle-down model.  Here is how.  In order for the government to spend money it has to pick some “entry points” into the economy.  Obama has chosen and shown us 3 so far.  They are 1) infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, other capital expenditures), 2) the financial industry (banks), and 3) the auto industry.  I would assume there are more “entry points” but that have not been revealed yet.  Once the “entry points” have been defined, the government then injects the money into the economy through them in various ways….loans, tax credits, debt forgiveness, and stock purchases just to name a few.  Once the money is in the hands of these “entry points” it is up to them to spend the money.  This is where we switch to the Trickle-down model.

The new money is to be spent in such ways as to increase economic activity (buying, selling, expanding, etc.).  This increased activity by the “entry points” will cause more activity (buying, selling, expanding) for their suppliers. The process continues down to the next level and so on until it has affected every level or our economy. This is basically Trickle-down economics. This increased activity means more jobs and a higher standard of living for our people.  It means less expensive goods and services for consumers.  And it means increased tax revenue to the government.

So, back to my main point.  For Obama’s recovery plan to work, he has to depend on an economic theory that he hates.  That is because this is how economics work.  The supply side is what happens everyday in real life in our country.  I doubt the Obama even realizes this.  I bet there are some of his advisers who do but I am sure they don’t/won’t point this out.  I find this to be very ironic.  Obama is trying to get away from the economics of Reagan and Bush but his own plans depend on the same thing theirs did to be successful.


January 28, 2009


Can you guess where the major cities in the United States are on this map?