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Should Obamacare Be Reconsidered In Light Of This

July 25, 2010

Britain plans to decentralize National Healthcare

Obama is trying very hard to implement a European style socialized health care system here. At the same time, Europe is realizing that their system does not work. Britain is the first to look at doing this. Who is next……maybe us?


Ray Stevens – We The People

December 28, 2009

An Example of Affordable Health Care

December 3, 2009

That’s about how it will be when the government takes over our health care.

Taxes On Medical Care…Can You Believe It

November 26, 2009

As we inch closer and closer to socialized medicine in this country more details of the proposed bills are coming to light.  Some of those details are nothing short of astounding.  For instance, did you know that certain aspects of medical care will be taxed if the proposed bills become law in their current form?  This post over at The Heritage Foundation‘s blog discusses this and the reasons for it.

This article mentions four things that will be taxed.  They are

  1. Innovative Medical Companies
  2. Medical Devices, such as prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs and pacemakers
  3. Over-the-counter medicines
  4. Privately funded medical care – including private health insurance plans, private medical expenses paid out-of-pocket, and employer-provided care

As you read this list I hope you are as repulsed, as outraged by this as I am.  After you get over the shock, I expect you have come to the next logical question:  Why?  Why would the government plan to tax these things when it says that its goal is to provide affordable health care to all people?  What purpose could there be to taxing these things?  The article gives us the answer to these questions and I expect you will again be astounded.  It says

It is a well known economic policy rule that if you want less of something you tax it, and if you want more of something you subsidize it.

There you have it.  These things will be taxed under these proposed bills because the government wants there to be fewer of them.  Our current leaders plan to ration care but don’t want to have to admit they are rationing care.  Our leaders are telling us lies.  They are making claims to the public that they know are not in the bill.   In order to be able to afford this new socialized health care plan they have to cut costs every way possible.  One way to do that is to tax the recipients if the care provided.  This is just one way in which they will discourage people from using the system.

It is time that we educate ourselves and let our representative in Washington know that we expect them to vote against this government takeover of our health care system.  Let them know that if they don’t stop the implementation of this fiasco we will vote them all out of office at their next reelection campaign.   The time to take a stand is now.  It is not too late yet but it soon will be.

Graphical Representation of the 47 Million Uninsured

July 30, 2009